About Us

Magnet Applications is a Bunting Magnetics Company.

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As the industry-leading manufacturer of magnetic technology products, Bunting Magnetics Co. has developed precision magnetic products for the worldwide plastics, food, grain, automotive, recycling, chemical, pharmaceutical and printing industries for nearly 60 years.

Our family-owned group of companies manufactures products which serve global markets and include a broad range of magnetic materials and components, magnetic separation systems, material handling equipment, metal detection equipment, magnetic cylinders for the printing industry, and – through Magnet Applications – bonded magnets, injection molded magnets, hybrid magnets and magnetic assemblies primarily used in PM motors and magnetic sensors.

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Magnet Applications undertakes a wide range of design contracts and our expertise covers the complete range of permanent magnet materials, including; alnico, ferrite, samarium cobalt, neodymium iron boron, through numerous production routes, including sintering, extrusion, calendaring, compression bonding and injection molding.

Our ability to build magnetizing fixtures, manufacture magnets, and supply machined components from our in house facilities offers a rapid prototype service.

We’re capable of running both ferrite and rare earth compounds. Our single part production rates range from a few hundred pieces per month to more than 2 million pieces per month.

We provide Total Magnetic Solutions TM.


With a history dating back more than a half century, it’s not surprising that Magnet Applications’ operations span the globe. With manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe, as well as additional sales and distribution points around the world, we can offer an unsurpassed corporate strength and commitment to providing total magnetic solutions to our customers.

We measure and certify the quality of our processes and products as stringently as you do. All of our plants are ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring that we are as deeply concerned with satisfying your customer as you are.

iso-9001_2015 copy.jpgMagnetic needs vary widely from application to application. As a provider of Total Magnetic Solutions, we offer the capability of meeting any requirement. Whether you are using our Just-In-Time shipping capabilities, or working with our engineers to develop an entirely new permanent magnet design.

Part of our Total Magnetic Solutions philosophy is helping our customers develop their new applications to the fullest extent. While every new application brings with it new problems to solve, our engineers offer some of the industry’s most extensive experience in magnetics. By making us a part of your design and manufacturing team, we can help your design meet its full potential, while also increasing the cost-effectiveness of the manufacturing process.