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Tech Center

The Bunting-DuBois Tech Center is dedicated to providing the best information to help you better understand magnets, our capabilities and how we can work together on your magnet or magnetic product design.

Magnetic Calculators

Calculate Magnetic Strength for a variety of shapes and systems of measurement. Try our calculators.

Tech Briefs

Bunting-DuBois staffs several magnet industry veterans and experts. Learn from them.

Magnet Glossary

What’s a Coercive Force, HC, Leakage Flux and Residual Induction, Br? Find out that and more with our useful glossary of magnetic terms.

Design Considerations

Magnet design requires complex analysis of many factors. Learn what we consider in your designs.

Articles & Presentations

As an industry leader in magnetic solutions, our staff participates in original research and delivers educational presentations on design and manufacturing processes. Read them here.


See what webinars The Experts at Bunting-DuBois have hosted. Find out more here.

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