Permanent Magnet Motors

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Magnets & Magnetic Assemblies for Permanent Magnet Motors

Your product – whether a car, industrial equipment or home appliance – starts with the motor. And building the best motor starts with Magnet Applications. Our team of experts work with you from project inception to completion. We regularly perform 2D and 3D magnetic modeling to determine your need, provide rapid prototypes, manufacture magnets or magnetic assemblies in any quantity, perform extensive quality checks (even winning quality awards from major customers), and work diligently to meet your delivery date. In addition to offering domestically produced magnet and magnetic assemblies, Magnet Applications also offers an extensive supply chain of all magnetic materials, including Alnico, Ferrite, Rare Earth (SmCo and NdFeB).


Our engineering team can work with you to design custom magnets for your product.

We can both design & manufacture magnets for PM motors using an array of different magnetic materials that are best for your application, including Alnico, Ferrite, and Rare Earth (SmCo and NdFeB).

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