Magnetic Sensors

There’s A Sense We’re The Best.

Magnet Applications, Inc. has first-hand unmatched magnetic sensor design and industry experience in numerous industries and applications.

Our engineers help you select the most cost-effective magnetic material, grade and optimized geometry for your application. Then together, we look at your environmental factors including temperature and humidity; mechanical requirements such as vibration, air gap, tolerances and electrical conductivity; and your magnetic field strength, orientation and number of poles required by your sensing IC – all to ensure your magnet needs are met the first time – even for the most critical applications.

With this industry-leading engineering experience, unparalleled customer service, stringent quality standards and consistent supply chain, Magnet Applications is your magnetic sensor and magnetic encoder application production partner.


Magnetic design consultation from our team of experts.

Once we understand your application, we can engineer a custom magnet to meet your specific needs. Take advantage of our expertise before, during, and after the prototype phase to create better outcomes for your production sensors.

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