Military & Aerospace

We Aim for Maximum Performance.

Manufactured in DuBois, Pennsylvania, Magnet Applications, Inc. is the only North American manufacturer of compression bonded magnets, injection molded magnets and hybrid magnets. In addition, we are a provider of sintered neodymium magnets and magnetic assemblies.

ITAR Registered & DFARS Compliant Custom Magnet Manufacturer

Magnet Applications, Inc. is ITAR registered and DFARS compliant, making us approved to support military and defense projects. Our products have withstood the high standards of many defense related customers and programs. Extreme temperatures and rugged environments are matched to the appropriate permanent magnet material to work to maximum performance.

We have magnets and magnetic assemblies on several missile programs and we have supplied magnets for flight control decks for both commercial and fighter aircraft. From our DuBois, PA location we are well located to meet the most stringent quality and security demands.


Permanent Magnets. Proudly Made in USA.

Working with Magnet Applications, Inc. partners you with a permanent magnet supplier for your defense contracts that supports American economic interests. Our exclusive NeoBlend™ neodymium magnets can be designed to any size, shape or strength thanks to a complete range of presses from 4-ton to 200-ton. “Made in America” is a fact, not rhetoric.

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