Design & Engineering

Custom Magnet & Magnetic Assembly Design

Magnet Applications, Inc. provides complete engineering, design and consulting services. Our expert engineering team complements your design and manufacturing team to develop a permanent magnet or a complete magnetic assembly specific to your need and application. Our in-house ability to build magnetizing fixtures, manufacture custom magnets, and supply machined components allows us to provide rapid prototypes and fast delivery of the final product no matter the complexity of the project.

We collaborate with your team, innovate through world-class design and accommodate with consistent, well-designed, flawlessly manufactured custom products.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

We design and manufacture magnets from advanced materials, including, Neodymium, Alnico, Ferrite and Samarium Cobalt. Our custom magnets are utilized for a multitude of applications across many industries. Our North American facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and ITAR registered. We can manufacture as few as 200 or as many as 2,000,000 pieces or more per month. Learn More »

Fast Distribution Network

Our location in Pennsylvania means our North American customers receive their goods quicker and at lower freight costs. We can work seamlessly with your lean replenishment programs, employing JIT, Kanban, Dock-to-Stock, etc., to ensure your magnets are available when you need them. Learn More »

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